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Science 🔬

Stories about nature, technology and outer space
written and recorded by Jaksyn Peacock

Listen&Learn: Absorption lines
Learn about the missing colours that help scientists study stars

Listen&Learn: Biological immortality
Learn about the animals that don’t age

Listen&Learn: How elements are made
Learn where the chemicals in the universe come from

Listen&Learn: The Oort Cloud
Learn about the edge of the solar system

Listen&Learn: Escape velocity
Learn how fast objects need to travel to reach outer space

Listen&Learn: Magnetoreception
Learn how birds know which way is north.

Listen&Learn: The Goldilocks zone
Learn where life might exist in other star systems.

Listen&Learn: Machine learning
Learn how an AI updates its own programming

Listen&Learn: Ocean acidification
Learn about the dangerous process that threatens marine life.

Listen&Learn: Quasars
Learn about the bright centres of young galaxies.

Listen&Learn: Schrödinger’s cat
Learn about the famous thought experiment.

Listen&Learn: The ozone layer
Learn about the environmental disaster that the world prevented.

Listen&Learn: The periodic table
Learn about the system scientists use to organize chemical elements

Listen&Learn: The Fermi paradox
Learn about the problem with the idea of alien life.

Listen&Learn: The speed of light
Learn how scientists use the speed of light to measure distances between stars.

Listen&Learn: Neurotransmitters
Learn about the chemicals that send messages throughout the body.

Listen&Learn: Brown dwarfs
Learn about the objects that scientists sometimes call “failed stars”.

Listen&Learn: Circadian rhythms
Learn how the body keeps track of time.

Listen&Learn: Exoplanets
Learn about planets outside of our solar system.

Listen&Learn: Eutrophication
Learn about a process commonly caused by fertilizers in lakes.

Listen&Learn: Nuclear fusion
Learn how stars turn hydrogen into helium.

Listen&Learn: Dark energy
Learn about the force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.

Listen&Learn: Redshift
Learn about the effect that causes objects to change colour.

Listen&Learn: Bioluminescence
Learn about creatures that can produce light.

Listen&Learn: Auroras
Learn about the lights that appear over the North and South Poles.

Listen&Learn: Artificial intelligence
Learn about the types of intelligent computers.

Listen&Learn: Neanderthals
Learn about a prehistoric species that was very similar to humans.

Listen&Learn: Superfluids
The liquids that can flow forever.

Listen&Learn: Carbon Dating
How scientists determine the ages of fossils

Listen&Learn: How stars die
Learn what happens at the end of a star’s life.

Listen&Learn: Cloning
The history, facts, and controversy of genetic copying.

Listen&Learn: Stem cells
Learn about the cells that could be revolutionary for medical treatments.

Listen&Learn: The Asch conformity experiment
An experiment that tested how likely it is for a person to conform to the opinion of a group.

Listen&Learn: How 3D printers work
Learn how these machines can create 3D objects with instructions from a computer.

Listen&Learn: The mystery of antimatter
One of many questions that scientists still have about the universe – why is there more matter than antimatter?

Listen&Learn: Science of colour
Learn how our eyes detect colours, and why some light is invisible to humans.

The Big Bang Theory
The theory of how the universe came into existence.

How Vaccines Work
Learn how vaccines help the body fight off disease.

The Science of Hand Washing
Learn how hand soap works against bacteria and viruses.

The Smartest Animals in the Sea
These sea animals can have conversations, use names, and recognize their reflections.

The Causes and Effects of Climate Change
The causes and effects of climate change – and what you can do to help prevent it.