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Index of stories

dateline: 25 December 2019:
Massachusetts Police Catch Dog Stealing from Toy Drive

dateline: 18 December 2019:
World’s Oldest Living Couple Celebrates Their 80th Anniversary

dateline: 11 December 2019:
Time Magazine Names Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Person of the Year

dateline: 04 December 2019:
Grandmother Shares Fourth Thanksgiving with Man She Accidentally Texted

dateline: 28 November 2019:
Artist Makes Sculpture Out of Keys From Destroyed Homes

dateline: 20 November 2019:
Strange Envelopes of Money Found in Northern England

dateline: 13 November 2019:
Cambridge Dictionary Announces “Upcycling” as Word of the Year

dateline: 06 November 2019:
Pilot Accidentally Triggers Hijacking Alarm

dateline: 30 October 2019:
School in India Uses Cardboard Boxes to Prevent Cheating

dateline: 23 October 2019:
Innovative Company Tackles Food Waste

dateline: 16 October 2019:
Dutch Scientists Developing Artificial Womb

dateline: 09 October 2019:
Peach Emoji Has New Meaning

dateline: 02 October 2019:
Bulgaria’s Population is Shrinking

dateline: 25 September 2019:
Massive Starfish Airport Opens in Beijing

dateline: 18 September 2019:
Dutch Museum Bans Reference to “Golden Age”

dateline: 11 September 2019:
Canadian Teen Beats Tennis Legend to Win US Open

dateline: 04 September 2019:
Vienna is World’s Most Liveable City

dateline: 29 August 2019:
Nepal to Ban Single-Use Plastics Around Everest

dateline: 21 August 2019:
Trump Cancels Denmark Trip Because Greenland Is Not for Sale

dateline: 14 August 2019:
Salmon Cannon Attracts Global Attention

dateline: 07 August 2019:
MP with Baby Forced to Leave Parliament in Kenya

dateline: 31 July 2019:
Seesaws Temporarily Lighten Up US-Mexico Border

dateline: 24 July 2019:
United Kingdom Gets New Prime Minister

dateline: 17 July 2019:
Homeless People Offer Walking Tours in Ireland

dateline: 10 July 2019:
US Soccer Champions Fight for Equal Pay

dateline: 03 July 2019:
“The Singing Doctor” Retires After Four Decades

dateline: 26 June 2019:
Paris Cracks Down on Electric Scooter Misuse

dateline: 19 June 2019:
Japanese Women Sign #KuToo Petition

dateline: 12 June 2019:
Canada To Ban Single Use Plastics by 2021

dateline: 05 June 2019:
Woman with Keen Sense of Smell Helps Parkinson’s Researchers

dateline: 29 May 2019:
McDonald’s Partners with US Embassy in Austria

dateline: 22 May 2019:
The Guardian Adopts Stronger Language for Environmental Issues

dateline: 15 May 2019:
Australian Banknote Features Typo

dateline: 08 May 2019:
Meghan & Harry Announce Birth of Royal Baby

dateline: 01 May 2019:
Canada Adopts Ugly Packaging for Cigarettes

dateline: 24 April 2019:
WHO Pilots World’s First Malaria Vaccine

dateline: 17 April 2019:
”Florida Man” Google Search Goes Viral

dateline: 10 April 2019:
First Picture Taken of Massive Black Hole

dateline: 03 April 2019:
The Boy with a Fake Smile Finds Fame in China

dateline: 27 March 2019:
Man Gets Even After Fence Dispute

dateline: 20 March 2019:
NBA Star Supports “Egg Boy” for Standing Up to Racism

dateline: 13 March 2019:
Great Lake Granted “Right to Exist”

dateline: 06 March 2019:
Discovered Dr. Seuss Story To Be Published This Fall

dateline: 28 February 2019:
Mom Hands Out Goodie Bags for Long Flight

dateline: 20 February 2019:
Russia To Ban Smartphones for Military

dateline: 13 February 2019:
Rare Black Leopard Caught on Camera

dateline: 06 February 2019:
Entertainment Companies Fail to Compete with Fortnite

dateline: 31 January 2019:
World’s Loneliest Frog Gets Valentine’s Date

dateline: 23 January 2019:
Trans-Gambia Bridge Inaugurated

dateline: 16 January 2019:
21 Dead in Kenya Hotel Attack

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