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EnglishClub Podcasts

Many of these listening exercises have transcripts, vocabulary notes and comprehension questions.

Aesop's Fables

Short stories by an ancient Greek writer. Learn or teach everyday morals through the world's most popular fables.

Children's Stories

Mini excerpts from treasured children's stories. Listen and read in English with your favourite little ones.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

Each year is represented by a different animal according to the Chinese Zodiac. Find out which animal represents your birthyear.

English Classics

Famous excerpts by classic authors of English literature. Explore the classics and improve your listening skills.

English Poems

Classic poetry from the public domain. Explore rhythm, rhyme, and pronunciation through classic verse.

Interesting Facts

Weekly listening practice based on fun and interesting facts in easy English. Try the gap-fill exercises and comprehension quizzes.

Signs of the Zodiac

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are useful for studying personality adjectives. Learn new vocab and discover tips for finding your soulmate.

Songs for English Learners

Original songs for English learners recorded by Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi. Sing along with the lyrics as you listen to the music.

Listen to News

Weekly reports and materials based on international news. Learn useful vocabulary and expressions for discussing current events.