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Aesop’s Fables

Short stories by an ancient Greek writer. Learn or teach everyday morals through the world’s most popular fables.

The Sick Lion
The old Lion can’t trick the wise Fox.

The Huntsman And The Fisherman
The huntsman and the fisherman swap goods.

The Peacock And The Crane
The peacock brags about his beauty.

The Two Travellers And The Axe
Two travellers find an axe. Who does it belong to?

The Two Frogs
The frog won’t leave his home.

The Two Dogs
One dog does all of the work.

The Hawk, the Kite, and the Pigeons
Pigeons are afraid of a kite.

The Shepherd’s Boy And The Wolf
The boy who cried wolf.

The Man And His Two Sweethearts
One man can’t please two women.

The Mouse, The Frog, And The Hawk
The frog gets caught for capturing the mouse.

The Wind And The Sun
The Wind and the Sun disagree.