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Children’s Stories

Mini excerpts from treasured children’s stories. Listen and read in English with your favourite little ones.

The Goblins’ Christmas
Listen to the preface to Elizabeth Anderson’s poem “The Goblins’ Christmas”.

The Bears’ Night Out
The four bears that couldn’t get comfortable.

Maxwell Loses A Tooth
Maxwell’s classmates have different ideas about what he should do with his lost tooth.

The Lucky Octopus
This unlucky octopus knows exactly what to wish for.

Good Neighbours
Jack’s new neighbour Naoko is Japanese. Does she know how to make a snowman?

The Chickens Take A Holiday
Farming is hard work. Everyone needs a holiday. What will the farmer say?

Too Tiny For Tea
Marty is too tiny for almost everything.

Inky Pinky Pooh
This is the story of a very small cat who lived in a very big house.