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Chinese Zodiac Animals

Each year is represented by a different animal according to the Chinese Zodiac. Find out which animal represents your birthyear.

My birthyear is

Chinese Zodiac Animals

The Rat
The Rat enjoys being the first to try something new.

The Ox
Oxen are hard workers and good listeners.

The Tiger
Brave and calm, Tigers work hard to protect people they love.

The Rabbit
If there is a Rabbit in a group, he is usually the peacemaker.

The Dragon
Those born in the Year of the Dragon offer guidance and wisdom.

The Snake
Calling someone a Snake in the East, is a compliment to her beauty.

The Horse
Horses love being the centre of attention.

The Goat
Goats prefer to remain anonymous whenever possible.

The Monkey
Monkeys love to help solve problems.

The Rooster
Roosters are outspoken, and often boast about their own achievements.

The Dog
Dogs sometimes know more about your life than you do.

The Pig
Pigs adore nature and work hard to protect it.
Note that the Rooster is sometimes called the Chicken, and the Goat is sometimes the Sheep.