Interesting Facts

Weekly listening practice based on fun and interesting facts in easy English. Try the gap-fill exercises and comprehension quizzes.

“Selfie” Is The Word Of The Year

Charlie Chaplin’s Moustache Was Fake

Race Car Is A Palindrome

Bats Aren’t Blind

The Halloween Capital Of The World

Applesauce Is A Substitute For Oil

“Netherlands” Means Low-Lying Lands

An Asterisk Is A Little Star

Honey Does Not Go Bad

The Swing At The End Of The World

PPS Stands For Post Postscript

A Traffic Jam That Lasted Ten Days

Themed Restaurant True To Its Name

Smithsonian Donor Never Visited America

Cows Have Accents

Shark Attacks Are Rare

The Language Of Whistling

“Nail House” Is A Neologism

The Spanish Flu Did Not Originate In Spain

A Man Was Buried Inside A Pringles Can

Two US Presidents Died on Independence Day

A Myth About Monarchs

Body Doubles Do More Than Stunts

Bill Gates Credits ‘Think Week’ For Success

Cicadas Spend Most of Their Lives Underground

The Dead Sea Is A Lake

Basements Are Rare In Tornado Alley

Preventing “The Bends” In Spacewalks

Peacocks Are Always Male

Mr. Bean Saves The Day

A Boat That Lived Up To Her Name

Yawning Is A Form Of Communication

Three Dogs Survived the Titanic

Jumbo The Elephant

You Need ID To Buy Gum In Singapore

The Evolution Of The Military Salute

A Dentist Invented “Cotton Candy”

Uppercase And Lowercase

The First Coupon

The Stamp Without A Name

Roses And Apples Are Related

The Vein Of Love

The Colour Orange Was Named After The Fruit

Your Brain Feels No Pain