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Interesting Facts

Weekly listening practice based on fun and interesting facts in easy English. Try the gap-fill exercises and comprehension quizzes.

“Selfie” Is The Word Of The Year
Why do I have a double chin in this picture?

Charlie Chaplin’s Moustache Was Fake
What was Charlie Chaplin’s signature moustache called?

Race Car Is A Palindrome
What do the names Hannah, Otto, and Bob have in common?

Bats Aren’t Blind
Why are there so many myths about bats?

The Halloween Capital Of The World
What’s so scary about Anoka, Minnesota?

Applesauce Is A Substitute For Oil
Help! I ran out of vegetable oil.

“Netherlands” Means Low-Lying Lands
What were all of those windmills used for?

An Asterisk Is A Little Star
How do you pronounce this symbol? (*)

Honey Does Not Go Bad
How old is the honey, honey?

The Swing At The End Of The World
Where’s the harness?

PPS Stands For Post Postscript
What common error do many letter writers make?

A Traffic Jam That Lasted Ten Days
What would you do if you were stuck in your car for ten days?

Themed Restaurant True To Its Name
Does a triple bypass hamburger sound like a juicy menu item?

Smithsonian Donor Never Visited America
Why would a wealthy European donate his fortune to the United States?

Cows Have Accents
What does a cow say in your language?

Shark Attacks Are Rare
What are your chances of being attacked by a shark?

The Language Of Whistling
Why would a language need special protection from the UN?

“Nail House” Is A Neologism
Why is there an old house in the middle of the new road?

The Spanish Flu Did Not Originate In Spain
Why wasn’t it called the American flu?

A Man Was Buried Inside A Pringles Can
Why would this man’s children honour his request?

Two US Presidents Died on Independence Day
Was this just a coincidence or was it written in the stars?

A Myth About Monarchs
How does the viceroy butterfly mimic the monarch?

Body Doubles Do More Than Stunts
What do body doubles do besides jump out of airplanes?

Bill Gates Credits ‘Think Week’ For Success
Was this a holiday or a work trip for Microsoft’s founder?

Cicadas Spend Most of Their Lives Underground
What is that humming sound?

The Dead Sea Is A Lake
Why is the Dead Sea so salty?

Basements Are Rare In Tornado Alley
Why don’t builders dig deeper in this storm belt?

Preventing “The Bends” In Spacewalks
What dangerous thing happened during the first spacewalk?

Peacocks Are Always Male
Would you keep a peacock as a pet?

Mr. Bean Saves The Day
Why is Mr. Bean a hero to his own wife and kids?

A Boat That Lived Up To Her Name
Did this boat owner predict the future when he named his prized possession?

Yawning Is A Form Of Communication
If you’re not tired, why are you yawning?

Three Dogs Survived the Titanic
Did first-class pets on the Titanic have special privileges?

Jumbo The Elephant
What is the origin of the word “jumbo”?

You Need ID To Buy Gum In Singapore
Is it a crime to chew gum?

The Evolution Of The Military Salute
What is the origin of the military salute?

A Dentist Invented “Cotton Candy”
What is cotton candy called around the world?

Uppercase And Lowercase
What did Gutenberg have to do with these terms?

The First Coupon
What was the first company to offer a coupon to its consumers?

The Stamp Without A Name
What is unique about British stamps?

Roses And Apples Are Related
What do apples and roses have in common?

The Vein Of Love
What is the origin of the ring finger?

The Colour Orange Was Named After The Fruit
Which came first, the colour or the fruit?

Your Brain Feels No Pain
If the brain feels no pain, what is brain freeze?