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Songs for English Learners 🎸

Original songs for English learners recorded by Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi. Sing along with the lyrics as you listen to the music.

Merry Christmas Song
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Job Song
In this vocabulary song for English learners, an unemployed person searches the classifieds to find a job that he might be qualified for.

The Hobby Song
Listen and learn about English hobbies. Jonathan sings about what his family members like to do when they are not at work.

The Out-of-Shape Blues
Jonathan has the out-of-shape blues. How will he get back into shape? Learn some sports vocabulary as he unveils his exercise plan.

Rooms in the House Song
Listen and learn some of the main rooms in a house.

The Family Song
A song about the people in a family.

The Grand Old Duke of York
Jonathan Taylor gives this old classic some new life.

Phrasal Verbs Rock
Listen for the phrasal verbs. They all start with the letter ‘r’.

Colour Idioms Song
A song about twelve colour idioms. Can you piece it together?

The Weather Song
How’s the weather doin’? Learn English vocabulary with this catchy tune about the weather.

Future Tense Song
What will he do without her? She will find out when she listens to this song.

Past Tense Song
He was late cause he’d been getting her birthday cake. A song written entirely in the past tense.

The EnglishClub Learning Song
Sing along to EC’s theme song, and learn what EnglishClub is all about.

Which Witch Song
You’ve got to be careful which witch you pick.

The Countries Song
Jonathan Taylor tours the world playing rock ‘n roll.

Frankenstein Body Part Song
Learn some of the parts of the body as Frankenstein collects them in his fiendish experiment to create a living being.

Make Do Rock
Mum’s to do list is so big, she’s just gonna to have to make do.

Recycle Rock
Don’t throw that stuff away. Let’s reuse it in a different way. A recycling song for English learners.

Happy Birthday
Say it with a song! Wish your friends, family members, and classmates a Happy Birthday with this fun adaptation to a traditional birthday song.

Jingle Bells
Sing along to this fun adaptation of the famous Jingle Bells song from Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi.

Present Tense Song
This teacher finds an innovative way to explain the present tenses.

Positive Contractions Rock
Short forms like I’m (I am), you’re (you are).

Negative Contractions
Short forms like can’t (can not), haven’t (have not)… with subtitles.

Contraction Blues
A song about short forms. There’s (there is), how’s (how is), what’ll (what will)…

Informal Contractions Song
This song reviews informal words like “gonna”, “whatcha” and “lemme”. The content may not be appropriate for some ages and audiences. Please preview before using in class.

Ordinal Numbers Racing Blues
Listen to the ordinal numbers – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and more…

Tick Tock Rock
Learn the hours as the hands go round the clock.

Months Of The Year Song
January, February, March… Learn the months of the year as you listen.

7 Days A Week I Rock n’ Roll
Learn the days of the week.

Tens And Units Blues Song
Fun with numbers. From Zero to Zillion.

Be Verb Rock Star Song
Can you count the Be verbs in this song?

The I Song
When I is not i.

The Alphabet Song For Rockers
Learn your ABC in (British) English, whatever your age.

Punctuation Blues
Fun with punctuation. ?,!.?,!.?,!.?,!.

Rainbow Nation Colour Song
A song about colours and colour.