Site of the Month 2009

Site Of The Month December 2009 ~ EnglishCentral
Tara Benwell
EnglishCentral is a new website with a growing library of interesting videos. The subtitled videos are categorized by difficulty level under a variety of interest topics including Sports, Daily Life, Environment, and Travel. The unique aspect of EnglishCentral is that you can plug in a microphone and record the lines you hear and read. A […]

Site Of The Month November 2009 ~ Magazines Plus
Tara Benwell
Mary Glasgow Magazines have been available since the 50s. The magazines are unique because they are written specifically for teen (or YL) English language learners. Understanding the digital learning trend, the UK publisher recently launched Magazines Plus, a website for their teen readers. Like the magazine, the website materials are for various levels of learners. […]

Site Of The Month October 2009 ~ ESL PodCards
Tara Benwell
Sending a postcard while traveling abroad may sadly be a thing of the past. On the other hand, listening to podcasts on an Ipod is one of the latest trends. Combine the two and you get PodCards, a unique and modern way to learn English and explore the world. ESL PodCards is a work-in-progress, offering […]

Site Of The Month September 2009 ~ elllo
Tara Benwell
If you want to practise your listening and comprehension skills, elllo is a great site to bookmark. The free site contains hundreds of listening activities with short quizzes to test your comprehension. While you listen you have the option to show or hide the text. The text version also offers audio explanations of difficult words […]

ESL Site of the Month – ESL
Tara Benwell is an information website about various topics written by experts in each field. The ESL section has been online since 1997. The ESL guide for is a teacher and writer named Kenneth Beare. The categories on the site make it simple for learners and teachers to find suitable resources. Beginner and low-intermediate learners […]

Site Of The Month July 2009 ~ English-Online
Tara Benwell
Unlike many language learning websites, English-Online has no “bells and whistles” and focuses on one skill: reading. More like a magazine than a website, the home page contains one simple table of contents where articles are grouped by subjects, such as hobbies, technology, or travel. The latest

Site Of The Month June 2009 ~ ESL Culips
Tara Benwell
ESL Culips is a Canadian based website with playful podcasts to help you learn English. The focus of these podcasts is on real language and its everyday use. Episodes are divided into fun categories including “Close Up”, “Catch Word” , “Chatterbox” and “Curious Questions”. Podcasts can be downloaded or played in a popup window. Extra […]

Site Of The Month May 2009 ~ International Students NZ
Tara Benwell
This podcast for academic learners is based out of the Student Learning Centre of Massey University in Auckland. Each podcast focuses on a single academic “Word of the Day” with explanations in a real world context. The podcasts include a listening section accompanied by a

Site Of The Month April 2009 ~ Grammar Bytes
Tara Benwell
Grammar Bytes, “grammar instruction with attitude,” offers well presented explanations of the most common English grammar terms and rules. Site creator Robin Simmons uses simple examples and graphs to explain grammar points, including important exceptions to the

Site Of The Month March 2009 ~ English at Home
Tara Benwell
English at Home is a website for learners who like to participate. Instead of putting your hand up to ask a question or make a comment you can type it. On this learning site you will find just about everything you need to practise English at home, including vocabulary lessons, reading

Site Of The Month February 2009 ~ ESL Reading
Tara Benwell
ESL Reading offers free reading materials for learners of all ages. Some of the readings are original and others are adaptations of classic stories. There are ghost stories, true stories, and stories about fun facts. There are also some interesting stories to read about the

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