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Site of the Month 2013

Doing English
Tara Benwell
On his Doing English website, Julian explains that he is an experienced English language teacher and researcher who is interested in helping learners who are “serious” about English. Doing English offers free lessons and tips for English learners via email and video. Many of Julian’s tips are motivational. He also recommends courses and materials that […]

Learner’s Dictionary
Tara Benwell
If you enjoy using online dictionaries, check out Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary. This dictionary (also available in app form) is designed specifically for English learners. Search for a word that you want to look up, or learn the Word of the Day. You will also find 3000 entries for the most commonly used words in spoken […]

Tweet Speak English
Tara Benwell
The goal of Tweet Speak English is to help English learners understand and begin using everyday English. English language teachers Nate Hill and Jason Smith dissect tweets that they find on twitter. “We only use tweets because people tweet how they speak, and that means it’s a good way to learn natural phrases that people […]

Simple English Videos
Tara Benwell
Simple English Videos is a site by English language teacher and author Vicki Hollett. On this site, you’ll find excellent language learning videos that Vicki made herself, as well as other short movie trailers and videos that can help you learn English. The videos are categorized by genre. Each video comes with a handy clickable […]

Tara Benwell
Myovient is a website provided by English language teaching professionals of Ovient, Inc in California. The site provides materials for business professionals who want to increase their English language proficiency. It specializes in American accent training and has plenty of free materials to help you with your pronunciation.

It’s Fluency MC
Tara Benwell
Jason Levine, also known as Fluency MC, makes songs and videos for learning English (and other subjects). “Jase” believes in teaching language in chunks. These language chunks are also called “collocations”. He wants English learners to become familiar with the words that “sounds right” together. He uses the short form “collos” to refer to “collocations”. […]

Tara Benwell
EngVid is a website full of videos for English learners. You will find videos on common grammar mistakes as well as tips for using slang, phrasal verbs, and other common expressions. There are also videos that provide useful tips for students taking standardized tests like IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL. The videos are made by English […]

Just The Word
Tara Benwell
Just the Word is a tool that can help you choose the right words and phrases in English. It can also help you correct your writing mistakes. It is a combination of dictionary and thesaurus, and is very useful for learning collocations. Collocations are pairings or groups of words that are commonly found together. To […]

English Leap
Tara Benwell
English Leap is a website for English learners based out of New Delhi, India. You can use some of the resources on the site for free, including video lessons, learning tips, vocabulary lists, and explanations about common mistakes in English. If you like what you find on English Leap, you can register and create an […]

Two Minute English
Tara Benwell
Two Minute English is a new YouTube channel featuring everyday American English conversations. The English speakers use simple, clear English that you would hear in a variety of situations. You will find useful topics, such as shopping for groceries and going to the gym. You will also find conversations that feature functional English, such as […]

ESL Fast
Tara Benwell
Are you looking for free English listening practice? ESL Fast has hundreds of English stories and conversations to listen to. The audio files also have transcripts so that you can read along as you listen. Many of the speakers in the recordings speak slower than natural English speakers, so the recordings are ideal for beginners […]

Tara Benwell
Mister Duncan is an expressive English teacher who teaches English through his YouTube channel. He speaks British English naturally and clearly, and his videos are useful for listening practice. You can listen to more than 70 videos chronologically, or browse through the index to choose videos that interest you. The lessons include captions so that […]

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