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Site of the Month 2015

The English Bug
Tara Benwell
Site of the Month for English learners – December 2015
Tara Benwell
Site of the Month for English learners – November 2015

Bee Oasis
Tara Benwell
Read Big with our latest Site of the Month!

English for University
Tara Benwell
Are you attending or planning on attending an English-speaking university or college? English for University is a site that focuses on academic English for English language learners. The content and support is provided by an American university professor. On the navigation bar on the homepage, you will find links to useful pages that contain tips […]

Words To Use
Tara Benwell
Are you always looking for the perfect English word to use in your writing? Words to Use is a unique site that suggests words by subject. The subjects are useful, everyday topics that you might write or blog about, such as Food, Business, and Love. Unlike a thesaurus or dictionary, the subject-related words are organized […]

Easy World of English
Tara Benwell
Easy World of English is a self-study website for English language learners. You can use this site to practise grammar, pronunciation, reading, listening, and vocabulary. Beginners will enjoy the talking picture dictionary, while more advanced learners will appreciate the audio support that goes along with the grammar pages.

Tara Benwell
FluentU is a language learning site that helps you learn English through videos and vocabulary practice. You can sign up for a free account to see how it works before you decide to pay a monthly or annual subscription. There are two subscription rates to choose from. Choose your level first. Then select some videos […]

Ship or Sheep
Tara Benwell
Ship or Sheep is a useful website for practising pronunciation. This site focuses solely on minimal pairs. Minimal pairs are words that vary by a single sound. On this very simple site, you can listen to minimal pairs for many different sounds. First click on a pair from the chart on the homepage. Then mouse […]

ESL Corner
Tara Benwell has a free language learning section for ESL students whose goal is to immigrate to Canada. The reading and listening lessons in ESL Corner offer useful practice for any English language learner who is thinking about settling in an English-speaking country. Topics include employment, law, daily life, and community services. The dialogues are recorded […]

The English Student
Tara Benwell
The English Student is a fun site for visual learners. ESL tutor Jenny combines her love of teaching with her love of illustration. She creates attractive visual aids for English language learners, and makes it fun to learn new words and phrases. She also writes useful blog posts in easy English. Jenny thinks of interesting […]

Daily Step English
Tara Benwell
Daily Step English is a site for English language learners that features Audio English lessons. It is produced by Jane Lawson, an experienced English language teacher based out of London, England. The audio lessons are available in five different levels, from beginner to advanced. The audio is available in British English and American English.

Language Learning Portal
Tara Benwell
If you’ve been thinking about learning English in a foreign country, the Language Learning Portal may be a good place to start. You can use this site to search for courses all over the world. Filter your search by language, level, intensity, duration and group size. You can also search for language learning opportunities in […]

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