EnglishClub : Permissions Enquiries

Permissions Enquiries

Thank you for your interest in using content from EnglishClub.com.

In the following cases you do not need permission:

  • Short Extracts: Any individual or organization including business organizations may quote up to 200 words of text from EnglishClub.com without permission provided that you reference “EnglishClub.com” and link to EnglishClub.com or the relevant page where possible.
  • Learners: You may copy/photocopy pages strictly for your own personal study.
  • Teachers: You may copy/photocopy individual pages when creating your own lesson plans and worksheets for your own classroom or online teaching provided you do not modify the content or remove any reference to EnglishClub(.com).

In all other cases you need permission as below:

We process requests to reuse content from EnglishClub.com through PLSClear. To complete your permission request, please visit www.plsclear.com and enter “englishclub.com” in the keyword search box to start. Thank you.

EnglishClub : Permissions Enquiries