The Hare and the Hound

A Hound chased a Hare from his lair, but after a long run, the Hound stopped chasing. A goat-herd who was watching laughed at the Hound and said:

“The little Hare is the better runner of you two!”

The Hound replied:

“But you do not see the difference between us: I was only running for a dinner; he was running for his life.”

(by Aesop)

hound (noun): a dog, especially one used for hunting
chase (verb): to run after; to pursue
hare (noun): a fast-running animal like a large rabbit
lair (noun): an animal’s “home”
goat-herd (noun): a person who looks after goats
goat (noun): an animal with horns kept for its milk and meat

Written by Editor for EnglishClub | January 2010

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