How to Learn English Through Multiplayer Videogames

Gaming lovers around the globe are going crazy for videogames. Mission-based multiplayer video games are their never-ending love. Some games, for example Call of Duty, PUBG and Apex Legends, are the most famed in the world.

Videogames are not just the temptation, but a feeling that only gamers understand. It gives you that relaxing pleasure after a hectic day at work. Besides, you can now learn English through multiplayer videogames.

Don’t giggle!

I'm learning REAL English

Multiplayer games are the best to enhance your English speaking and listening skills. And what can be more soothing than boosting English skills while playing your favorite mission game? Nothing!

English and Video Games

When going for entertainment, nothing can beat mission-based multiplayer video games. People spend hours sitting in their cozy sofas playing games such as “Man on Mission”.

There are hundreds and thousands of story-based mission games on the market. But, only a few like PUBG and Call of Duty rule the market. And, you need to communicate with your partners for every next move.

These games require a lot of useful language for communication to win.

Gaming English is somehow similar to the fairly formal English you speak in the office. But, the secret code, the vocabulary, the moves, the words, the phrases, is what makes it different.

Mission-based video games include Action & Reaction. All you need to do is listen and command your partners for what’s happening around you. It can be anything from ‘look, there is a bullet coming,’ ‘reload your ammunition,’ ‘you’re going the wrong way,’ to ‘save your life!

Speaking and reading skills evolve speedily when you desire to learn English through PUBG, Apex Legends or Call of Duty. These are well-known mission games that are fairly difficult without reliable partners.

Mastering a New Language with Multiplayer Videogames

Multiplayer games are more than entertaining. People feel super-excited to practice English in a fun way. And yes, there is no reason to feel shy about making grammatical mistakes. Communicating with other players in English is an exciting way to improve speaking and listening skills.

You do not have to feel worried about anything when playing these games. In fact, gamers feel motivated to play and learn those funny yet useful phrases.

Mastering a New Language with Multiplayer Videogames

Multiplayer videogames give the opportunity to communicate with your friends in English. It can be a word, phrase or anything. And no matter how little you learn from these games, it is still a plus.

Now, let us put together the ways that video games help in learning English. 

  • Enhancing Listening Skills

When opting to learn English from Call of Duty or any other game, it is not only about speaking skills, but listening skills too.

Playing videogames with your friends or with some random player sounds astonishing. There are a lot of challenges you need to meet to reach the next level. And without communication, it is not at all possible.

Mission-based games like PUBG and Call of Duty are an excellent choice to improve basic listening skills.

One gets to come across modern day-to-day vocabulary with such games.

Listening to the commands from other players also enhances the gaming experience.

  • Working On Reading Skills

Well, reading is not a big part of these games. Still, there is an opportunity to learn English properly. It is because you can’t pay attention to both playing and reading at the same time.

But, reading the commands, when playing multiplayer, can inspire you to learn basic words and phrases. It can be a simple thanks or any other command – watch out, you’re close, I am leaving the place, and many more.

When not playing the video game, read some gaming articles that include gaming phrases and quotes. You will find numerous secret codes and words gamers use while playing.

  • Improving Speaking Skills

When you are a better listener and reader, you are not far from improving your English speaking skills. Becoming a listener and reader helps you to be a better speaker.

Improve your English speaking skills

To learn English through multiplayer videogames, you have to hear what other players are saying. And responding in the same pitch improves vocabulary and grammar. Some videogames even provide subtitles for what other players are saying. It can help to understand and reply better.

Playing video games with professional players and native speakers would work best to improve speaking, listening and reading skills.

Get the most out of it!

Wrapping Up

There you have it!

When opting to learn English through multiplayer videogames, one must feel excited and take things in a fun way. Not all players in the videogame mission are the same.

Grasp things that you think are useful for your gaming career. And, make your time investment worthwhile.

Now, you know how much you need videogames in life. So, start your gaming journey today!

Written by Hans Gunnarsson for EnglishClub | September 2019
Hans Gunnarsson is an expert writer on Gaming and Video Games. His posts are enlightening and many readers have found them very helpful.


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