Stuck at home?

Here’s something you could do if you’re stuck at home, in a single room.

How about reading:
A Journey Round my Room, by Xavier de Maistre

Or perhaps not. It was published in French in 1794 and translated into English by Henry Attwell. It’s a full-length book and the English, while wonderful, is challenging. It’s available free online at

If taking on Xavier’s 150-page description of voyaging around his room while under house arrest for fighting an illegal duel in Turin is too daunting, how about another idea? Write your own journey round your room! You can publish it here (in the comments, if it’s short). Or if it’s longer, add it to our Creative Writing forum.

And if by chance you do read A Journey Round my Room, please leave your reviews here!

By Josef Essberger for EnglishClub March 2020
Josef started teaching English as a foreign language in 1991 and founded EnglishClub for learners and teachers in 1997.


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