Mourning vs Morning

Posted by: Josef Essberger
Mourning is a time of grief; morning is a time of day

These two words are homophones: they sound exactly the same but have different meanings.

mourning vs morning
  • mourning 1 (noun): a period of sorrow or grieving after the death of a loved one
  • mourning 2 (noun): usually black or dark clothes worn after someone dies (though in some countries the colour may be white)
  • mourn (verb): feel or show sorrow or grief for the death of someone
  • morning (noun): the time between midnight and noon, especially from sunrise to noon

Example sentences

  • Many people were in mourning following the death of the Queen.
  • His family wore mourning for months after he passed away.
  • People may choose to mourn in many different ways.
  • I shall have to wake up early tomorrow morning.

Posted by Josef Essberger September 2022
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