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dateline: 29 March 2011

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Thousands of Migrants Flee to Italy

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • migrant: a person who moves from one region to another
  • refugee: a person who leaves his or her homeland in search of safety, due to war, politics, or other difficulties
  • uprising: an act of protest against a leadership or cause that grows steadily in a short amount of time
  • influx: a sudden flowing in of people or things
  • coalition: a group that is acting or working together for a specific mission or goal
  • burden: heavy responsibility and worry caused by a difficult situation
  • odyssey: a long quest resulting in various changes of fortune

Thousands of Migrants Flee to Italy

Migrants from war-torn are arriving on Italian soil by boatloads, and an even larger influx of refugees is expected in the upcoming weeks. The population of the tiny island of Lampedusa has more than doubled in recent months as Tunisians fled from the uprising in hopes of gaining refugee . Italian officials say the influx poses a serious public health risk on the small islands. The government has requested help from the , saying that Italy should not have to take on the burden alone. On March 19th, a US-led military coalition began attacking pro-Gaddafi under the operation name “Odyssey Dawn”.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why are people fleeing North Africa?
  2. Why does the Italian government need help?
  3. What is Odyssey Dawn?

Discussion Question: The UN-backed coalition that formed operation “Odyssey Dawn” was led by the US with initial military support from the UK, France, Italy, and Canada. Other nations began to contribute to the operation within days. How does the code name fit the military operation?

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