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dateline: 15 November 2011

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Mario Monti To Replace Italy’s Prime Minister

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • resign: to give up a position
  • confidence: belief in the ability of someone or something
  • nominate: to recommend a person for a position or award
  • to make a sacrifice: to give up something that you love or enjoy in exchange for something else
  • turmoil: trouble

Mario Monti To Replace Italy’s Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi resigned as Italy’s prime minister on Saturday due to investors’ of confidence in the Italian economy. Mario Monti, an economist and financial advisor, was nominated by Italy’s to replace Berlusconi. Monti is a European Union Commissioner. His job will be to reassure investors that Italy can reduce its debt load and recover economically. Monti addressed the country shortly after his nomination, promising to do his best to improve the future for Italy’s . According to Monti, Italians will have to make sacrifices in order to prevent a eurozone meltdown. Berlusconi is the second European prime minister to resign this month. Earlier, Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou resigned. Both countries are in economic turmoil due to the debt crisis.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why did Berlusconi resign?
  2. What will Monti’s main job be?
  3. What similar event happened in Greece recently?

Discussion Question: There is a lot of talk these days about a “eurozone meltdown”. What do you think this means? Do you think it will happen? Why or why not?

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Tara Benwell is a Canadian freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ELT industry.
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