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dateline: 06 March 2012

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US Midwest Devastated by Tornadoes

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • tornado: rotating air that moves at a dangerously high speed
  • restore: to make something function again
  • twister: another word for “tornado”
  • hunker down: to take shelter
  • sibling: brother or sister

US Midwest Devastated by Tornadoes

Approximately 100 tornadoes swept across the US Midwest this week, homes, schools and businesses. Dozens of people were killed, hundreds were injured, and thousands were left. The snow that followed the twisters made it difficult for crews to restore power and begin efforts. In Henryville, Indiana, hundreds of people survived by hunkering down in a church basement. A baby named Angel who was miraculously found alive in a field near her dead parents and siblings, has been dead. March is typically the of tornado season in the US, which extends through to May.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Which area of the US was affected?
  2. Who is Angel?
  3. How did hundreds of people in Henryville survive the tornados?

Discussion Question: The media uses the term “Tornado Alley” to refer to areas in the US that are most frequently hit by tornadoes. Should tornado cellars be mandatory in areas such as these?

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