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dateline: 05 June 2012

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River Pageant Celebrates Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • Diamond Jubilee: a celebration of 60 years reign in Britain (previously 75)
  • vessel:ย a vehicle that travels on water
  • pageant:ย an event featuring a procession of decorated people
  • reign:ย the period of being in a position of power
  • barge: a long, flat boat
  • flotilla: a group of vessels traveling together

River Pageant Celebrates Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The official celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee took place this weekend in . Approximately 20,000 people boarded about 1000 vessels on the Thames for a special river pageant to celebrate the queen’s 60-year reign. Vessels included , kayaks, pleasure cruisers and tug boats. Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal family joined the via the royal barge. Despite heavy rain and cool temperatures, up to a million people gathered of the river to watch the flotilla, which has already been named the largest river parade of times. The UK will enjoy an extended weekend as celebrations continue Monday and Tuesday.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why was there a large celebration on the River Thames this weekend?
  2. How was the weather on the day of the river pageant?
  3. Why does the report mention Monday and Tuesday?

Discussion Question: What does the expression “rain on one’s parade” mean? How can this expression be used to talk about this event? Did anyone try to rain on the queen’s parade?

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