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dateline: 04 September 2012

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Organic Foods Have Same Nutritional Value

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • nutritional value: health benefits from food
  • ripeness: the aging of produce
  • pesticide: a chemical used to prevent pests from disturbing plants
  • flawed: containing mistakes; imperfect
  • genetically modified: adapted by man in order to improve the quality of something natural

Organic Foods Have Same Nutritional Value

A new study out of Stanford University suggests that organic foods have no additional nutritional value than foods. The study suggests that other factors, such as the ripeness of the produce when it is , determine the nutritional quality. The study did find that organic food contained significantly less pesticide residue than non-organic food. the massive research that went into the study, critics say that the research is flawed and based on short-term evidence. Consumers have a variety of reasons for choosing organic foods, including concerns about animal welfare and the . Certified-organic food is produced with environmentally and animal-friendly production , and does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What was the main conclusion of the Stanford study?
  2. Why don’t critics agree with this study?
  3. What is certified-organic food?

Discussion Question: Do you choose organic food over non-organic food at the grocery store? Which types of food are you most careful about buying?

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