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dateline: 01 October 2013

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Saudi Women Seek Right To Drive

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • ban: something that is disallowed
  • obtain: to get
  • fine: to charge money as punishment for breaking the law
  • demonstration: an organized protest
  • cleric: a religious leader
  • guardian: a person who is in charge of defending and protecting someone
  • deny: to disallow

Saudi Women Seek Right To Drive

On 26 October, thousands of Saudi women plan to get of a car in protest of an unofficial ban against female drivers. Currently Saudi women are unable to obtain a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia. In the past, Saudi females who have tried to drive without a license have been fined or sent to court. When news of the demonstration broke out, a Saudi cleric told a that driving could damage females’ ovaries and pelvises. He warned women not to participate in the demonstration. Activists say his comments have helped interest in the demonstration. Many Saudi women hope that gaining the right to drive will lead to other that they are currently denied, such as opening a bank account without a male guardian. A similar campaign to achieve the right to drive was launched in Saudi Arabia twenty years ago. Many women lost their jobs because of it.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is happening in Saudi Arabia on 26 October?
  2. What warning did the Saudi cleric give?
  3. What happened last time Saudi women tried to stage a similar demonstration?

Discussion Question: Describe some gender inequalities that still exist in your native country.

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