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photo Tara Benwell Listen to News with Tara Benwell - Instructions:
1. Preview the vocabulary and read the gapfill text.
2. Play the news report and try to fill in the blanks.
3. Answer the comprehension questions by writing full sentences.
4. Use the discussion question to write an essay or discuss the story with other students.
5. Click "show Answers" to see the full text.
6. Pretend to be a news anchor by reading each story out loud.

dateline: 03 December 2013

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Fast And Furious Star Dies In Car Crash

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • furious: angry
  • slam: to hit hard
  • charity: an organization that raises money or awareness for a good cause
  • adrenaline: a hormone that is secreted in stressful or scary situations
  • junkie: a person who is obsessed with something

Fast And Furious Star Dies In Car Crash

Paul Walker, the 40-year-old actor who played the of policeman “Brian O’Connor” in the popular Fast and Furious film series about street racing, died in a car crash this weekend in California. The action-movie star was riding as a in his friend’s Porsche Carrera GT when the driver lost control. The car slammed into a post and caught fire, Walker and his friend. Both men had been attending a charity event to raise money for the . Police are investigating whether or not speed was the cause of the crash. Walker, who referred to himself an “adrenaline junkie”, leaves behind his daughter Meadow, 15.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What type of acting was Paul Walker known for?
  2. What was the actor doing just prior to getting in the Porsche?
  3. What does the report say about Walker’s family?

Discussion Question: Paul Walker has been quoted saying, “If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.” Why might these words be comforting to his friends, family members, and co-stars at this time?

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Written by Tara Benwell for EnglishClub
Tara Benwell is a Canadian freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ELT industry.
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