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dateline: 10 December 2013

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World Mourns Nelson Mandela

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • former: previous; in the past
  • memorial: a service of remembrance to honour a person who has died
  • decade: ten years
  • state funeral: a formal public funeral for a person who was important to a nation
  • unveil: to show for the first time
  • Day of Reconciliation: an annual public holiday in South Africa that celebrates the end of apartheid (since 1994)
  • apartheid: South Africa’s former system of racial segregation

World Mourns Nelson Mandela

Former South President Nelson Mandela died on Thursday December 5th at the age of 95. Leaders from around the world are in South Africa for an international memorial this week. Other figureheads, including the Prince of Wales, Bono, and Oprah Winfrey will also be in attendance. The memorial will be held on Tuesday in the stadium where Mandela delivered his first after nearly decades of imprisonment. A state funeral will be held on in the Eastern Cape. The nation will also unveil a new statue of the anti-apartheid leader on 16 December, the Day of Reconciliation.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What important title did Nelson Mandela previously hold?
  2. Who is attending the memorial?
  3. Why is the venue for the memorial significant?

Discussion Question: Why does Nelson Mandela mean so much to so many people around the world?

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