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dateline: 03 June 2014

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The Right To Be Forgotten By Google

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • inadequate: not good enough in quality
  • irrelevant: not important; insignificant
  • outdated: no longer factual
  • valid: acceptable

The Right To Be Forgotten By Google

A European court ruling has caused Google to offer a new to Europeans: the right to be . Europeans who want data removed from Google search can now an application online. The data must be inadequate, irrelevant or outdated to be considered for removal. The information will only be removed for search in Europe. To apply for the removal of data, applicants must provide a web link, a valid reason for the removal of information, and proof of ID. The forms will be similar to the requests that pertain to copyright complaints. Google says it plans to privacy requests with the public’s right to information.

  1. What ruling was made in Europe?
  2. What does this ruling mean for search in other parts of the world?
  3. What does Google say it will do when assessing a removal request?

Discussion Question: Do you think that Google should have the power to decide whether or not information on the web is relevant or not? What kind of removal requests do you think Google will receive?

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