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dateline: 17 June 2014

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Magic Spray Used At World Cup

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • vanish: disappear
  • encroach: to advance beyond a limit
  • free kick: a kick (from a stationary position) awarded to the offensive team due to a penalty or foul
  • holster: a case worn on a belt for holding a gun or tool

Magic Spray Used At World Cup

World Cup are carrying around a new tool this year known as vanishing spray. They use it to draw a line ten yards away from the before a . Rather than encroaching on the kicker, must now stand behind the line until the kick is made. FIFA hopes the spray will reduce arguments and complaints related to free kicks. The water-based spray looks like and disappears about a minute after being used. Referees carry the spray in a holster.

  1. Where is the line drawn?
  2. What is the main purpose of the spray?
  3. Where do World Cup referees keep the spray during a game?

Discussion Question: Do you think that modern tools, rules, and technology are good for professional sports like football?

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