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dateline: 24 June 2014

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Katy Perry Offers Service To Hillary Clinton

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • Secretary of State: the head of the Department of State (in the US); in charge of foreign affairs
  • memoir: non-fiction, reflective writing about one’s own life
  • bite one’s tongue: to not respond even though you want to
  • hold one’s breath: to be nervous; to wait with anticipation
Katy Perry Offers Service To Hillary Clinton
American pop star Katy Perry to write a campaign theme song for Hillary Clinton if the former Secretary of State decides to run for US president. The two famous met at a book tour event for Clinton’s new memoir Hard Choices. Clinton responded via Twitter, saying that Katy Perry had already written the perfect song: Roar. Katy Perry’s hit song Roar is about someone who “bite her tongue” and “hold her breath”. The subject in the song gains confidence over time, going from “zero” to her “own hero”. Hillary Clinton rumours that she will be running for US president in the next .

  1. Where did Katy Perry meet Hillary Clinton?
  2. What is Hard Choices?
  3. What was Hillary Clinton’s response to the offer?

Discussion Question: Katy Perry has previously shown a lot of support for President Barack Obama. Do you think famous people should publicly endorse political candidates and parties? Why or why not?

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