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dateline: 23 September 2014

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Scotland Votes Not To Separate

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • referendum: a vote concerning a single political question
  • reject: to not accept something
  • campaign: a series of events or activities to convince people of something, such as voting a certain way
  • affairs: important issues (e.g., financial, health) concerning a certain person or group
  • grievance: complaints or concerns often related to fairness
  • reconciliation: the restoring of friendship

Scotland Votes Not To Separate

On Thursday, September 18, in a historic referendum, Scotland voted not to from the UK. Independence was rejected by 55% of voters. The NO campaign, also known as the “Better Together” campaign, celebrated that unity was chosen over . After the results were announced, Prime Minister David Cameron noted that Scotland, England, , and Northern Ireland would all receive more powers over their own affairs as promised. Queen Elizabeth and several politicians and community leaders the UK have called on the people of Scotland to their grievances and focus on reconciliation.

Comprehension Questions

    1. What was the referendum about?
    2. Which camp won, and what did it mean for Scotland?
    3. Why does the report mention Queen Elizabeth?

Discussion Questions: Do you believe that Scotland is better off remaining part of the UK, or do you think the YES camp should continue to seek independence?

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