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dateline: 25 November 2014

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Venice Bans Wheeled Suitcases

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • noise pollution: sounds that make it bothersome for people to live, work, or sleep
  • deterioration: the slow breaking away or decline of something
  • fine: to bill someone a certain amount of money as punishment for breaking a law
  • marble: a type of metamorphic rock that can be easily polished; used for high quality or luxury surfaces
  • permit: allow

Venice Bans Wheeled Suitcases

The Venice City Council announced a decision this week that will millions of tourists. As of May 2015, tourists will no longer be allowed to pull noisy suitcases along the streets of Venice. The ban will reduce noise pollution for locals and limit the deterioration of , marble steps, and pathways in the city. Tourists who continue to use hard-wheeled, noisy suitcases in Venice could be fined up to (US). Venice-friendly luggage with air-filled tires will be permitted, but must first be .

Comprehension Questions

    1. What is going to be banned, and where?
    2. What is the reason for this new regulation?
    3. What type of luggage will tourists be allowed to pull?

Discussion Questions: Residents in Venice are irritated by noisy suitcases pulled around by the 27 million+ tourists that visit the city each year. What do you find irritating about tourists (or residents) in your own town or city?

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