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dateline: 07 July 2015

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Greece Votes “No” to Bailout

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • bailout: financial assistance to save a company or economy from failure
  • referendum: a public vote about a single question
  • Eurozone: the European Union nations that use the euro as currency
  • abandon: to give up; to disown

Greece Votes “No” to Bailout

In a historic referendum on Sunday, Greek voters said “No” to an bailout. Greece has been in an economic crisis since 2009, and has been unable to make recent loan . The government asked the public to vote “No” so that it could with its international creditors. Financial analysts say that a “No” vote could force Greece out of the Eurozone and possibly even out of the European Union. If Greece abandons the euro, it will go back to having its own and its own central bank. Banks in Greece have been closed for over a week, and citizens have had limited access to funds through bank machines. in Greece is currently at 26%.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What might the “No” vote mean for Greece?
  2. Why has it been difficult lately for citizens in Greece to get money or do their banking?
  3. What is Greece’s current unemployment rate?

Discussion Questions: Does it make sense for European countries to share one currency? Why or why not?

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