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dateline: 14 July 2015

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Russia Opens Military Theme Park

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • military: the armed forces who fight for and protect their own nation and other nations
  • grenade: a small bomb
  • arsenal: a large collection (usually weapons)
  • rations: a specific amount of food served to certain groups of people
  • re-enactment: an event in which people act out something that actually happened in the past

Russia Opens Military Theme Park

A new military-themed amusement park is now open to the public in Russia. Patriot Park is located about an hour of Moscow. It features rows of tanks that children are allowed to as well as grenade launchers and other weapons that kids can . When visitors get hungry, they can visit the canteen for authentic army rations. At the grand opening of the park, Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had added 40 new intercontinental to its weapons arsenal. He also announced that Russia was inventing several new types of weapons that no other country has. The first major event to take place at the park was Army 2015. Arms from around the world came to the park to buy and sell military gear. In the future, the park will feature military re-enactments of famous battles from Soviet history.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the name of this theme park?
  2. Who spoke at the special event on opening day, and what was said?
  3. What was the purpose of Army 2015?

Discussion Questions: Would you take your own children or students to a military-themed amusement park? Why or why not?

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