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dateline: 16 March 2016

Artist Blindfolds Statues in Brazil

Listen to the news in English with Tara Benwell

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • stage (verb): to create for public viewing
  • prominent: important or notable
  • bribery: an immoral exchange of services or products for money
  • successor: the person who replaces another
  • scandal: an act or event that discredits or disgraces a person or group to the public
  • resign: to voluntarily give up one’s position or job

Artist Blindfolds Statues in Brazil

A Brazilian artist is staging a , peaceful protest by placing red blindfolds on prominent statues all over Rio de Janeiro. The artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, is trying to bring attention to a scandal that connects former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to a bribery scheme with a state-owned oil company. Anti-government protests have broken out across Brazil with calling for Lula’s successor, President Dilma Rousseff, to resign. Protesters feel that Rousseff’s election win in 2014 was financed by dirty money from the scandal. The artist claims that the silent protest those who are unable to bring change to Brazil with those who can. The hiding of the eyes suggests that Brazilian figures would be ashamed of the present-day corruption.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who is Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva?
  2. What did the artist mentioned in this report do as a form of protest?
  3. What does the artist’s protest symbolize?

Discussion Questions: Do you consider this silent protest a form of art? Why or why not?

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Written by Tara Benwell for EnglishClub
Tara Benwell is a Canadian freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ELT industry.

3 Comments on Artist Blindfolds Statues in Brazil

  1. Amalia says:

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Tara Benwell says:

    Hi Joao Fonseca,

    Thanks for stopping by and filling us in on what’s happening in Brazil. That was quite a bold move, wasn’t it? I was surprised to read that news story right after I posted this news. Please tell us more about the demonstrations.


  3. JOAO FONSECA says:

    This is Joao Fonseca, a Brazilian, for a long time Brazil politicinas shoud have givin up ther works, even Dilma. today she made himi stronger as a new minsiter of Casa Civil. I guess is like U.S. Secretary of State, this is a shame. since yesterday and today the demonstration is on… and no idea when changes will occur, if it will

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