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dateline: 23 June 2016

UK to Vote in Historic Brexit Referendum

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Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • UK: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
  • Brexit: Britain + exit (refers to the UK leaving the EU)
  • referendum: a vote based on a single question
  • abroad: away from one’s home country
  • eligible: allowed due to a certain status or position
  • steady: regular, without interruption

UK to Vote in Historic Brexit Referendum

A referendum will be held on Thursday, June 23 to decide whether or not the UK will remain in the . British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens who live in the UK, as well as UK citizens living abroad are eligible to vote. Those who want to leave the EU say that there are rules for businesses. They also want more over their borders. Those who want to stay, including Prime Minister Cameron, argue that the UK the steady flow of immigrants. Many in the European Union fear that if the UK leaves, other countries will quickly . Greenland left the European Union in 1985.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the referendum question?
  2. Which side is Prime Minister Cameron on?
  3. Why does the report mention Greenland?

Discussion Questions: Do you think the UK should remain in the EU or not? Give reasons to back up your point of view.

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2 Comments on UK to Vote in Historic Brexit Referendum

  1. Giang says:

    it appears that British citizens will lose many basic benefits when it comes to Brexit. I prefer they re-elect and remain in this organization as they used to. Not only British citizens are definitely affected by this decision, EU member countries but other countries as a whole. Just imagine UK is like a part in an entire body-the global economy. if the entire body unfortunately loses some part, it will become weak and malfunction. Pls stay UK!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. steve thanh says:

    it seems to me that Uk should remain in the european union. there are many reason to say about, but with limit of time, so in here i only say that we can not live alone in this world.then will be a day we need to help from every body.

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