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dateline: 18 September 2019

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Dutch Museum Bans Reference to “Golden Age”

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • ban: to no longer allow
  • era: a long period of time
  • prosperity: growth, success, and wealth
  • colonial: related to a time of exploration and settlement where a stronger nation uses its power over a weaker one
  • controversial: causing disagreement and conflict
  • aspect: part

Dutch Museum Bans All Reference to “Golden Age”

The Amsterdam Museum is banning the use of the term “Dutch Golden Age” in reference to the 17th . The era has long been referred to as the Golden Age in Dutch history due to the Netherlands’ great prosperity in the areas of trade, military, art, and during this . In reality, these were colonial times that also featured war, poverty, and . The decision by the Amsterdam Museum is controversial. Another well-known museum in the Netherlands has responded by saying it will not try to the past and will continue to use the term Dutch Golden Age to refer to the 17th century despite the negative aspects of these times.

Comprehension Questions

1. The Amsterdam Museum is banning reference to

Correct! Wrong!

The Amsterdam Museum is banning reference to the "Dutch Golden Age".

2. The 17th century in the Netherlands was successful in the areas of

Correct! Wrong!

The 17th century in the Netherlands was successful in the areas of military, art, and science.

3. In reality, the 17th century was

Correct! Wrong!

In reality, the 17th century was a colonial period in the Netherlands.

Discussion Question

Are you familiar with the expression “All that glitters is not gold”? How does this expression relate to this news story?

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