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1. Preview the vocabulary and read the gapfill text.
2. Play the news report and try to fill in the blanks.
3. Answer the comprehension questions by writing full sentences.
4. Use the discussion question to write an essay or discuss the story with other students.
5. Click "show Answers" to see the full text.
6. Pretend to be a news anchor by reading each story out loud.

dateline: 27 July 2016

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India Proposes New Child Labour Bill

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • bill: a proposed law that is waiting for final approval
  • extended family: relatives that are not in one’s immediate family, such as a nephews, nieces or grandchildren
  • hazardous: dangerous to one’s health and safety
  • exploit: to benefit from (usually in a negative or illegal way)
  • legalize: to make something legal (allowed by law)

India Proposes New Child Labour Bill

India has introduced a new bill to make it for young children to work. If approved, children who are under 14 will be permitted to work in a family after school hours and during holidays. This includes children from an extended family. Children under 14 will still be banned from working in “hazardous” jobs. A number of jobs that were banned for children aged 15-18 will be legalized. The government says the changes will make it easier for families to survive and will also help children learn useful skills. The UN argues that the new bill exploits children and legalizes child . Currently, India has the highest number of illegal child labourers in the world.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What will children in India be allowed to do if the bill is approved?
  2. What will children under 14 not be allowed to do in India?
  3. Why does the UN disapprove of the bill?

Discussion Questions: Should children be allowed to work in a family business? Why or why not?

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Written by Tara Benwell for EnglishClub
Tara Benwell is a Canadian freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ELT industry.
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