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dateline: 06 December 2017

IOC Bans Russia from 2018 Olympic Games

Listen to the news in English with Tara Benwell

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • ban: to block from using or joining
  • evidence: proof; true information
  • doping: using illegal, performance enhancing drugs
  • clean: tested negative for doping
  • neutral: not associated with a specific side
  • forbid: to prevent or disallow
  • boycott: to refuse to use or attend as a form of protest
  • standard: an expected performance or level
  • powerhouse: strong person or team

IOC Bans Russia from 2018 Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has banned from the 2018 Olympics in South Korea this February. The Russian team has been banned due to evidence of doping in previous . Russia’s “clean” will be allowed to compete as an OAR (Olympic athlete from Russia) with a neutral flag. Following the IOC’s announcement, President Putin said that he will not forbid athletes from participating in the Games, however, some Russian athletes are expected to boycott the . The standards in several sports, including hockey and , are expected to be lower at the 2018 Games without the Russian powerhouse.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What announcement did the IOC make this week?
  2. What will some Russian athletes be allowed to do?
  3. Why does the report mention figure skating?

Discussion Questions

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Written by Tara Benwell for EnglishClub
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2 Comments on IOC Bans Russia from 2018 Olympic Games

  1. Bob says:

    Great job – your w-site (:0) I will make good use of it with our English-Book-Club, here in Vietnam.
    As to doping, Putin’s view falls in line with today’s growing, global view of ‘the means justify the ends’. Right and wrong are becoming more and more relative, no one really seems to know, where to draw the line anymore. Even in our very personal lives, what was right yesterday, may be wrong tomorrow., who can tell? But we are all in possession of a conscience, to help us. Each of our actions, even thoughts, are like a drop, that falls into a quiet, still pond and sets off ripples ‘far beyond’. I wonder who will recognize the real ‘message’ to all of us, through this ban?

  2. Bijan says:

    Hi Tara,

    First, thank you for this week’s news report.

    Second, I believe a real sport man (or sport woman) never use illegal drags (doping).

    Best wishes and have a great weekend,
    Bijan from the Persian Gulf,

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