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dateline: 20 June 2018

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Japan Fans Tidy Up After World Cup Match

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • match: a competition between two sides
  • stadium: a large arena for sporting events
  • tidy up: to clean up and reorganize
  • pick up after oneself: to clean up one’s own mess
  • value: a personal view of what is important or good

Japan Fans Tidy Up After World Cup Match

After winning their opening match to 2โ€“1, Japanese fans got busy cleaning up their part of the stadium. Fans placed their in large garbage bags that they had brought with them and made sure their rows looked as tidy as they did when they arrived. Picking up after themselves is a habit Japanese kids learn in grade school, where they are expected to keep classrooms and clean from an early age. In addition to being proud of their team (the “Samurai Blue”), Japan’s fans are pleased to show off their good manners on the world stage. Respect and responsibility are important values in Japanese .

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who demonstrated respect and responsibility (and where)?
  2. How does tidying up become a habit for Japanese people?
  3. Who are the Samurai Blue?

Discussion Question

Do you think Japan’s good manners will rub off on other countries at the World Cup? What other values can fans and athletes demonstrate during sporting events?

You can leave your ideas online in the comments box below.

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