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dateline: 20 March 2019

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NBA Star Supports “Egg Boy” for Standing Up to Racism

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • NBA: National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • racism: the unfair treatment of a person due to his or her race
  • point guard: the offensive leader on a basketball team
  • sport (verb): to wear something fashionable
  • disapproval: dislike
  • mosque: a worship place for the Muslim community
  • immigration: the act of moving to a foreign country to live

NBA Star Supports ‘Egg Boy’ for Standing Up to Racism

NBA point guard Ben Simmons sported yellow “Egg Boy” shoes in a game this week, showing his support for an Australian teenager who stood up racism. 17-year-old William Connolly cracked an egg over the head of Australian Senator Fraser Anning this weekend to show disapproval of the politician’s racist remarks on . Anning had tweeted that immigration policies were to blame for the shooting at two New Zealand mosques where 50 people were killed on Friday. “Egg Boy” received praise from people all over the . Australia’s prime minister also criticized the senator, saying there is no place in his for racist views.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What did the teenager do?
  2. Why did the teenager do this?
  3. How did the NBA star respond to the incident?

Discussion Question

On the Internet, the boy who egged the senator was hailed as a hero for standing up against racism. How do you feel about the boy’s actions?

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