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dateline: 01 February 2017

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Pakistan Court Bans Valentine’s Day

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • ban: to disallow
  • petition: a formal request
  • violate: to break, disrespect, or not follow a rule
  • promotion: advertisement
  • vendor: a merchant; a seller
  • disregard: to ignore

Pakistan Court Bans Valentine’s Day

The day before Valentine’s Day, a court in Islamabad banned the celebration of the holiday in Pakistan. The court was to a petition that stated that Valentine’s Day violate Islamic values and culture. The ban included the and print promotion of the February 14th holiday. Despite the ruling, many business owners and street vendors, including those of Muslim , disregarded the ban and sold Valentine-themed flowers and gifts as planned.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What did the Pakistani court ban?
  2. Why did the court issue this ban?
  3. How did many vendors in Pakistan react to the ban?

Discussion Questions: Do you agree or disagree with banning Valentine’s Day celebrations and promotions based on religious reasons?

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