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dateline: 12 April 2017

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Passenger Forcibly Removed from Overbooked Flight

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • go viral: to be viewed online by many people
  • disembark: to get off a vehicle such as a plane or train
  • aviation: the industry of air travel
  • aisle: the hallway between sets of seating
  • boycott: to avoid a product or company due to its decisions or behaviour

Passenger Forcibly Removed from Overbooked Flight

Video footage of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly removed from a plane has gone viral. On April 9, four were randomly selected to disembark from a United plane in to make room for crew members from a partner airline. One of the passengers, a doctor who said he had patients to get to, refused to leave the plane. Chicago aviation officers boarded the plane, pulled the passenger out of his seat, and him down the aisle of the plane on his back. After viewing the video footage and seeing the bloodied face of the passenger, many travellers said they would boycott the airline.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why did four people have to give up their seats?
  2. Who refused to leave the plane?
  3. What did security officers do?

Discussion Questions: Airlines routinely sell more tickets than they have seats. They hope that some travellers will not show up for their flight. Should airlines be legally allowed to do this? Why or why not?

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