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photo Tara Benwell Listen to News with Tara Benwell - Instructions:
1. Preview the vocabulary and read the gapfill text.
2. Play the news report and try to fill in the blanks.
3. Answer the comprehension questions by writing full sentences.
4. Use the discussion question to write an essay or discuss the story with other students.
5. Click "show Answers" to see the full text.
6. Pretend to be a news anchor by reading each story out loud.

dateline: 13 July 2016

“Pokémon Go” Takes World by Storm

Listen to the news in English with Tara Benwell

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • take by storm: to become suddenly popular or successful
  • augmented reality: technology that overlays digital information over a user’s real-time view on a device
  • landmark: a well-known location or marker (e.g., a park or statue)
  • mixed reviews: opinions that range from good to bad
  • inappropriate: not socially acceptable

“Pokémon GO” Takes World by Storm

A new mobile app called “Pokémon GO” is the latest sensation for . The augmented reality game allows users to hunt for Pokémon at local landmarks which are as “Pokestops”. The game, which has only been available in a few countries for a few days, is getting mixed reviews. Many people feel that it is inappropriate that the game takes users to public sites, such as the 9/11 Museum or the Holocaust Museum. There are also safety concerns. Children who are Pokémon could be lured into certain areas by predators. “Pokémon GO” was first released in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, but is already being called the app in the world.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why does the report mention Australia?
  2. What examples are given as inappropriate places to play this game?
  3. Why are some people worried about the safety of young children who are playing this game?

Discussion Questions: Some people say apps like “Pokémon GO” encourage gamers to get exercise. Others are concerned about accidents and crimes. Should the company be at fault for injuries or deaths related to this app?

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Written by Tara Benwell for EnglishClub
Tara Benwell is a Canadian freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ELT industry.

9 Comments on “Pokémon Go” Takes World by Storm

  1. Kajsa says:

    I TOTALLY agree with you Ellen and Amanda I have really enjoyed the text best wishes KAJSA!!<3

  2. Ellen says:

    Yes Amanda it was really good

  3. Amanda says:

    Nice text🙌🏼

  4. Tuty Prasetya says:

    Many thanks the text about Pokemon… I download it and use it for teaching my students in listening session class… it is very helpful for me.. best regards. Tuty from Papua Indonesia….

  5. khawla says:

    i think ” pokemon go” isn’t inappropriate for everyone because it may cause accident and loss of time
    should block it . it is silly game i did not allow my brothers to install. it is not link by exercise.

  6. great exercise, nothing better than a great exercise to learn English

  7. Minq says:

    1.Why does the report mention Australia? Because Autralia is the second country in releasing this game.
    2.What examples are given as inappropriate places to play this game? Some inappriciate places to play this game such as the 9/11 museum, the Holocaust museum, etc.
    3.Why are some people worried about the safety of young children who are playing this game?Because their children can lured into certain areas by predators and they can under dangerous situations.

    Discussion question: I think Pokemon Go is a aventure game, It helps users relax and exercise but some crimers took advantage of using GPS to play games to rob, terrorize or kipnap. I think company haven’t any faults, If you feel unsafety, you cann’t play it.

  8. maria says:

    The vocabulary isn’t easy. Good exercise. The listening I don’t like.

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