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dateline: 23 January 2019

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Trans-Gambia Bridge Inaugurated

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • inaugurated: officially opened or established
  • unreliable: not offering regular or stable service, undependable
  • ferry: a passenger boat offering regular service
    (may also carry goods and vehicles)
  • detour: an indirect route (often due to construction)
  • toll-bridge: a bridge that you have to pay to use

Trans-Gambia Bridge Inaugurated

On January 21, after decades of delays, the leaders of Senegal and The Gambia inaugurated a new bridge crossing over the River Gambia. The project was originally designed in the 1970s, however regional conflict delayed the until 2015. Without a , those who wanted to travel from northern Senegal to the southern Senegalese province of Casamance had to take an unreliable ferry or a long detour around the small country of The Gambia. The long-awaited bridge will allow for much faster delivery of goods and services. The bridge is also expected to help improve relations in West Africa. The toll-bridge, which is now open for cars, will open to transport vehicles by July.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What officially opened this week and where?
  2. Why did this structure take so long to complete?
  3. Why is this such good news for people in West Africa?

Discussion Question

Look at a map of this region to better understand the significance of this bridge. Then identify a roadway or bridge you can’t imagine living without in your region. Why is it so important to you and your region?

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