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dateline: 24 July 2019

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United Kingdom Gets New Prime Minister

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • prime minister: the leader of the government in a parliamentary system
  • party: a group of politicians with a common goal
  • resignation: the act of leaving a position
  • platform: the goal of a political party
  • accomplish: to complete; to get something done

United Kingdom Gets New Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has just become the new of the United Kingdom (UK). Johnson won the UK’s Conservative Party leadership on Tuesday. He replaced Theresa May, the former prime minister, after her resignation afternoon. Following May’s resignation, Johnson met with the Queen of England to shake her hand and officially the title of prime minister. As part of his platform, Johnson promises to accomplish Brexit (the UK’s separation from the Union) by October 31st.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who is the new prime minister of the United Kingdom?
  2. When did Theresa May resign?
  3. What does Boris Johnson plan to accomplish?

Discussion Question

Theresa May resigned with the Conservative Party still in power. This meant that only Conservative Party members got to vote for the next prime minister. Boris Johnson is not required to hold a general election until the end of the Conservative term (May 2022). Do you think this is fair? Why or why not?

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