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The Rabbit

If there is a Rabbit in a group, he is usually the peacemaker.

Rabbit - Chinese Zodiac AnimalBirth Years:
1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035, 2047

Compatible with:
Pig and Dog


Precious Flower:

Western Equivalent:

compassionate, hospitable, fashionable

reserved, self-conscious, secretive

The Rabbit is the fourth symbol of the Chinese Zodiac and a sign of hope for the people. Rabbits have great fashion sense. They keep an updated wardrobe and care strongly about home decor. They love to be around friends and family. Rabbits lead comfortable lives and prefer not to take risks. If they did take a risk, they would probably make the right decision. Rabbits are rarely wrong. They avoid conflict and confrontation whenever possible. They also avoid change. If there is a Rabbit in a group, he is usually the peacemaker. Rabbits have difficulty expressing personal feelings without breaking into tears. This makes it difficult for Rabbits to form long-lasting relationships. The Rabbit also has trouble sticking to one project.

hospitable (adjective): welcomes others in a friendly manner
reserved (adjective): does not share emotions openly; quiet
self-conscious (adjective): worries what others will think
decor (noun): the furniture and fashion of an indoor space
confrontation (noun): a direct address to someone about a conflict

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