Engaging The 5 Senses With Wine


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • engage: to involve
  • fancy: to like
  • to be off: spoiled
  • sip: a small amount of a beverage
  • clink: lightly tap one’s glass with another person’s glass

Engaging The 5 Senses With Wine

Did you know you could engage all five of your with a glass of wine? The first thing most wine drinkers do is choose a colour. You may fancy one that is white or red or somewhere . Wine that is pink in colour is either rosé (dry) or blush (sweet) wine. Does the wine sparkle in the light, or is it dull and ? Before you smell the wine, swirl it in your glass. The aroma may remind you of fruit, flowers, spices, or wood. If the wine is off it may smell sour. Take a sip and engage your sense of . Is it sweet, bitter, or tart? Now, feel the wine with your tongue. Is it smooth or grainy? Hopefully it isn’t too watery or dry. Finally, don’t forget to engage your sense of hearing. Raise your glass and clink it with a friend or lover. !

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the reading mainly about?
  2. Which adjectives are used to describe the sense of taste?
  3. What is the final sense described in the reading?

Discussion Questions: Describe your personal preferences when it comes to wine. Use as many senses as you can.

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