A Caruncle Helps You See


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • expand: make bigger
  • nodule: small bump
  • moisturize: make less dry
  • antibacterial: something (e.g. soap) that kills harmful microorganisms
  • outgrowth: something that grows on top of the outer layer
  • comb: fleshy red skin on the head of a bird
  • wattle: fleshy red skin hanging from a bird or lizard’s chin or neck

A Caruncle Helps You See

Are you working on expanding your English ? Caruncle is a word I bet you haven’t heard! The small pink nodule in the inner corner of your eye is called a caruncle. Despite it’s obscure name, it plays some key roles in your . The caruncle keeps your eye moisturized. It also acts as an antibacterial. The form of caruncle is caruncles. The same word is used to describe a outgrowth on a bird’s head or neck, though you know this as a “comb” or a “wattle”. In fact, any outgrowth on a plant or animal may be referred to as a caruncle.

Comprehension Questions

  1. In general, what is a caruncle?
  2. What is a caruncle’s function in a human eye?
  3. Why does the reading mention a “comb”?

Discussion Questions: Can you name all of your own body parts and organs in English? Why is this important if you’re traveling to a country with English as its first language?

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