Air Rage Is Common in China

air rage

Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • rage: anger
  • lose one’s temper: to express anger and frustration suddenly
  • cut someone off: to enter another driver’s lane in a dangerous way
  • outburst: a sudden expression of emotion
  • baggage claim: the area where you pick up your luggage after a flight; often a carousel
  • offending: committing an illegal act

Air Rage Is Common In China

You are probably with the term road rage. This refers to anger expressed by drivers on roads and . A driver may lose his temper if another driver cuts him off, slows him down, or steals a . Road rage causes many accidents every year. Have you heard about air rage? This refers to angry outbursts related to flight travel. Air rage may at the ticket counter, at the baggage claim, or even on the airplane. In China, where travel headaches such as flights are on the rise, air rage is becoming a big concern. In fact, the Chinese government is considering adopting a no fly list. This will prevent offending from boarding Chinese planes.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the difference between road rage and air rage?
  2. What is a common cause of air rage?
  3. What is the Chinese government thinking about doing?

Discussion Questions: If an air rage incident occurred on an airplane that you were on, would you get involved? Why, or why not?

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