An Asterisk Is A Little Star


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • typography: the look or style of typed material
  • condition: a requirement
  • fine print: small type
  • swear word: a curse word; usually used to show anger or excitement
  • bullet point: an item in a list

An Asterisk Is A Little Star

An asterisk is a symbol used in typography. It comes from a Greek word meaning “little star”. The word “asterisk” is a commonly mispronounced word. Many people incorrectly say “as-tuh-riks” instead of “as-tuh-risk”. Learning the proper spelling of this symbol can help you remember the . There are a few different uses for the asterisk. Most commonly, the asterisk is used to indicate to the reader that there will be a note or information at the bottom of a piece of text. Two or more asterisks are used to show that there is a second or additional note to review. In an advertisement or contest, an asterisk is often used to conditions or rules. This extra information is also referred to as the “small print” or “fine print” because it is usually written in a smaller sized type. The asterisk is occasionally used a vowel in a swear word. It can also be used as an actual star in a rating. The best rating is typically 5*. Some people also use the asterisk as a bullet point.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What does the word “asterisk” mean?
  2. What is the correct pronunciation of this word?
  3. What does “the small print” refer to?

Discussion Questions: Do you ever use the asterisk when you type emails, essays, or other text? What do you usually use it for?

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