Applesauce Is A Substitute For Oil

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apple saucePre-Listening Vocabulary

  • run out of: to use something until it’s gone; to need more of something
  • substitute (noun or verb): something that is used in place of something else (to use in place of)
  • equivalent: the same measurement
  • puree: a mashed or liquefied type of food
  • call for: to identify something that is necessary in a set of instructions

Note: When substitute is used as a verb, you substitute the new “for” the old, but you substitute (replace) the old “with” the new. You can substitute oil with applesauce.

Applesauce Is A Substitute For Oil

Have you ever run out of while you were baking? Applesauce makes a great substitute for vegetable oil when baking cookies, cakes, or muffins. It also some of the unhealthy fats in your food. You can substitute applesauce one for one. That means, if your cake recipe calls for half a cup of vegetable oil, you can use half a cup of applesauce instead. Your baked goods will have calories if you use applesauce instead of oil. You may be surprised that your baked goods taste the same as usual, though they may have a different texture. If a recipe calls for applesauce, you can use other types of fruit puree. Be sure to use the equivalent amount. Other useful substitutes for baking include sour cream for yogurt, and honey for maple syrup. If a recipe calls for a cup of wine, you can substitute it with a cup of , a cup of water, or a cup of fruit juice plus two teaspoons of vinegar.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the main purpose of the report?
  2. Who would find this report useful?
  3. Why does the report mention wine?

Discussion Questions: Have you experimented with substitutions in cooking and baking? Share a baking or cooking disaster from your past. What went wrong?

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