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Beer Power

Will Homer Simpson’s dream come true?


Interesting Facts in Easy English

Pre-Listening Vocabulary

  • brewery: a factory where beer is made
  • biofuel: a biological form of power made from waste or living matter
  • inactive yeast: yeast that can no longer be used for its main purpose (i.e., to convert sugar into alcohol or relaxes dough), but still has nutritional properties
  • dispose: to throw out or waste
  • publicity stunt: a trick to attract media attention
  • on the right track: taking an action that could eventually lead to success
  • convert: to change from one thing into another
  • feasible: possible and reasonable

Beer Power

A New Zealand brewery is beer power, and has created a new product called Brewtoleum. This is a biofuel made of inactive yeast that is during the brewing process. The slurry is sometimes sold to farmers to use in livestock feed, though it is often disposed of as waste. While many believe Brewtoleum is simply a publicity stunt, others say the brewery is on the right track. Beer grain waste is becoming a big problem in many European countries. New prevent many breweries from selling beer to farmers. Though beer-powered cars may not be , converting beer waste to biofuel for the purpose of powering breweries is actually feasible.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is Brewtoleum made from?
  2. What is slurry sometimes used for on farms?
  3. According to this report, what is a more feasible use for beer waste?

Discussion Questions: Which alternative power source do you think the world should be getting serious about, and why?

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